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New Childhood Obesity Programs Help Kids Lose Weight The Healthy Way. E-mail
Sunday, 30 March 2014


With Obesity in Children On The Rise, Dr. Fisher Says, "A Healthy Meal Plan Can Go a Long Way in Obesity Prevention."

As the rate of childhood obesity increases so does the need to make the public aware of the issue and teach people how to help overweight children make better choices. Studies have found that it is easier to help children learn healthy habits before they become overweight than trying to break bad habits after the weight has already begun to be a problem. 

To schedule a consultation at one of our Philadelphia Weight Loss Clinics where you can find out more about our Medical Weight Loss & Obesity Prevention Program featuring the Body Focus Stages Meal Plans for Kids & Teens and the EZDietPlanner & Fitness Tracker ™,  contact Body By Fisher Now online or call (215) 987-4592 today.

Increasing Childhood Obesity Awareness:

It has been determined that if the media, parents, schools and healthcare providers all work together to provide information, healthy food choices, and the opportunity for physical activity, the levels of childhood obesity will begin to drop and the entire nation will become healthier. At our centers, we are doing our part with our new childhood obesity treatment and prevention programs to help kids lose weight the healthy way.

Dr. Fisher's NEW Medical Weight Loss & Childhood Obesity Program featuring the EZDietPlanner & Fitness Tracker™ and the Stages Meal Plans for Kids & Teens

Our new Medical Weight Loss & Childhood Obesity Program begins with a comprehensive consultation with one of our healthcare providers who will discuss factors relating to your child’s weight gain including medical and family history.  An examination including height, weight, blood pressure and Body Mass Index (BMI) calculation will then be performed and if blood work or diagnostic testing is necessary, they will be ordered at that time.

From there a treatment plan will be created consisting of activity suggestions, nutritional supplements and a dietician developed meal plan specific to your child’s age and nutritional requirements.

Parents love this program as there are NO pre-packaged foods or meal replacement drinks to buy and your child's Stages Meal Plan can be followed online on-the-go using the EZDietPlanner & Fitness Tracker ™.  

EZDietPlannerWith the EZDietPlanner & Fitness Tracker™ Mobile App, and Stages Meal Plans for Kids & Teens You Will Have Access To Everything You Need To Make Smart Food Choices for Your Child

In addition to providing you with a healthy meal plan for your child to follow, the EZDietPlanner & Fitness Tracker™ gives you the flexibility to exchange any of the foods found in their Stages Meal Plan with one from the database of acceptable food choices. Once you've made the food exchange, the system will automatically adjust the serving size to maintain the calorie level we have chosen for your child.

You can even add your own custom foods or create a brand new meal plan from scratch using the nutritional guidelines we outlined for your child. 

This handy online tool and mobile app is also great for parents with children in junior high and high school who have access to a smart phone or tablet as it encourages and empowers your child to take responsibility of their health by becoming aware of the foods they eat..

Additional features of this weight loss tool includes the ability to monitor changes in your chil's body weight and track calories burned through exercise. Simply log in each day from your computer, iPhone, Android or Tablet device to log your child’s food intake and activities.

Body Focus™ Kids & Teens featuring Buddy Fit™ Makes Losing Weight Fun and EasyWeight_Loss_Programs_for_Kids-Teens

When you enroll your child in our program, you will have access to Body Focus™ Kids & Teens featuring Buddy Fit™.  Inside this section of our private membership community you will find:

•    Fitness ideas and recipes your children will love
•    A forum where you can connect with other parents
•    Eat Smart, Stay Fit ™ articles and tips for the entire family
•    And More

To schedule a consultation for our New Childhood Obesity Program, click here or call (215) 987-4592 today.

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