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Fitness Activities for Autumn E-mail
Thursday, 27 September 2012

Now that the seasons have changed, you might be feeling the temptation to hole up and eat lots of rich food. There's something about the coming of cold weather that makes us want to decrease our activity levels (and the holidays don't help).

But there are all kinds of fitness activities for autumn that can inspire you to get (or stay) in shape.

Here are some activities you can engage in this fall.

Get Out and About

While it's not really a workout program, just getting out and about is an important component of fitness. Get out and enjoy your local events, such as corn mazes, fall fairs and festivals, foliage tours, and Halloween-themed events. Maybe you can find a run or race taking place later in the fall, and start training for it. A fun aspect of the "get out and about" approach is that you can get the whole family involved, or partake as an individual or couple.

Hiking and Camping

It's a beautiful time of year, so why not get outside and enjoy it? Your local parks are a great place to be in the fall. Hiking trails, mountain biking, and camping are all fitness activities that are made all the more pleasurable by the beautiful foliage and comfortable temperatures.

Yard Work

There's no doubt about it - autumn brings a lot of yard work. Mowing and trimming may slow down, but the leaf-raking seems never to end. Why not make a fitness program out of it? Raking is good exercise. Do it regularly yourself rather than hiring others. You can also find other yard chores, such as cleaning up the yard and garden for winter.

Sign Up for Lessons

In autumn, kids head back to school, which might free up some time during the day. Regardless, autumn is a time for learning new things. Why not sign up for that Zumba class or Yoga workshop? Maybe you've always wanted to learn how to ballroom dance or some other skill. Now is the time! If you are interested in an activity, you're more likely to stick with it. 

Backyard Football

It's football season! Families of all ages can play some form of backyard football, even using a foam ball for little ones. You can make it a regular event at your house or at a nearby park. You'll not only be staying fit; you'll be making some wonderful memories.

The term is “spring cleaning” but it doesn’t have to just pertain to the house. Spring cleaning allows you to open your windows and let the fragrance of blooming flowers enter your home. Windows often stay shut in winter because of the chill. When spring arrives, the house can feel a bit stuffy.

Now that your house is getting a makeover to welcome the sun and lighter weather, what can you do for your body and mind? They can benefit from a shedding of sorts just like the rest of the world.
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